GWG has spent the last fifteen years developing the tools and skills required to efficiently and accurately deliver projects using the Design-Build approach

Let GWG experts guide you through the whole process

Approach for Design-Build Project Delivery

Through working with end-users to deliver projects that best fit their needs, GWG has spent the last fifteen years developing the tools and skills required to efficiently and accurately deliver projects using the Design-Build approach. Our team will become a part of your team, diving deep into the ins and outs of your business, thereby guiding our decision-making process to work toward and deliver the project that will best suit your model, employees, and customers alike.

Pre-Construction Services

Every successful project starts with the development of a comprehensive program. GWG is adept at creating a program that works toward maximizing user experience and ROI.

GWG and its team support our clients in the development of their program, providing insight into design considerations and constructability options. GWG also looks to identify business related impacts and works with your team to address them proactively. The program will become the basis of design.

Building on the program, GWG will select and guide experienced and qualified Engineers suited for the specific construction type to develop Site Plans & Schematics. GWG, in consensus with our client, will then develop a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) for design professional services, disseminating this document to firms we have built trusted relationships with over the last fifteen years. After receiving and evaluating proposals from our design professionals, GWG will work with the awarded Architects and Engineers to develop the projects design through several stages. GWG and the awarded design professionals will work together, along with GWG’s trade contractors, to develop the most time efficient and cost-effective method for delivering our client’s vision. These documents will be the basis for permitting, bidding, and construction at various stages.
GWG assists our clients with permitting at the local level, providing permit applications accurate to the intent of design, permit budgeting, COAH Fee budgeting, and assisting with applications and negotiations with all Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs).
Technology and Experience come together to develop accurate budget and schedule estimates during the pre-construction phase of our projects. GWG’s team utilizes Plan Swift digital take-offs with automated color-coded spreadsheet generation for accurate and detailed budget estimates, using historical data and trade relationships to ensure accuracy. In addition, all schedules are developed using MS Project, and upon completion, are uploaded to an integrated scheduling tool for all stakeholders and subs to see in PROCORE
Once all project controls are established, including Construction Documents & Schedule, the Request for Proposals and bid packages are developed for each trade and issued to over 500+ qualified trade contractors within the NJ commercial construction market. Once again, this process is managed via PROCORE, where our team is able to maintain data metrics on subcontractor performance, bid accuracy, historical responsiveness, and current workload; accurate data allows GWG to ensure the right team is being put together for your specific project.

Bid packages include but are not limited to:

  • Construction Documents
  • Scope of Work
  • Sample Subcontract
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Bid Requirements
  • General Conditions Requirements
  • Project Schedule and Anticipated Start/End Dates
  • Additional Owner or AHJ Requirements
  • Bid Submission Requirements and Structure
  • VE Options – prepared by Sub and/or GWG

    Each qualified respondent is de-scoped, and pending awardees are required to meet in person with GWG to ensure that their bid complies with all requirements of the project. Once bids have gone through this process, GWG will develop a final analysis of all vendors and options and will work with the owner to make recommendations and selections.

    Throughout this process, GWG will work on the development of a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for delivery of the project and proceed with contract document addendums as needed to reflect the final price and scope of deliverables agreed to between the Owner and GWG.
Construction Services


At the forefront of GWG’s initiatives as a leading CM at Risk firm, is Safety. At GWG, safety is not only a must, it is part of our culture. In fact, in 2018 GWG implemented a stand-alone bonus structure for project delivery teams based solely on safety. Before and during construction, our team will work with the Owner and the AHJs to ensure safety remains first priority, planning and implementing safety measures that will create a safe and healthy project environment.

GWG’s project-specific safety manual and written contracts with trade subcontractors require compliance with OSHA and all national, state, local, and owner standards. A project specific Emergency Response Procedure is developed for each project site and is made part of project documentation available both on PROCORE and hard copy at the site. Both the Project Executive and Sr. Project Manager will have a minimum of OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety Training. All other operations and field safety personnel will be required to have a minimum of OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Training. Daily inspections and weekly tool-box talks ensure all personnel on-site are aware of their duties to keep themselves and one another out of harms way. Those who do not comply after one documented warning will be removed from the site until GWG determines there is an appropriate remedy.

Each subcontractor is also required, as part of its contract requirements, to submit a written safety manual and a competent person to conduct periodic site inspections. The requirements of this manual do not override GWG’s manual or any AHJ standards; they only supplement with more restrictive requirements when present.

Project Management, Documentation, and Cost Control

GWG utilizes PROCORE, the construction industry’s leading cloud-based project management software, to provide real time access to project information for its staff, subcontractors, and clients. PROCORE’s suite of tools include all that is required to properly manage, document, and control the project from the pre-construction phase through turn-over. Tasks such as RFI and Submittal processing, Observation and Punchlist creation and dissemination, subcontract draw request management, and daily logs of materials, manpower, weather, and other characteristics are made easy and trackable with its purpose-built tools, available on both desktop browser and mobile application versions.

GWG provides this service at no additional cost to its clients, as we believe that open, honest communication is the only way to do business. We like to think that we are at the cross roads where construction meets professionalism.​