Planning & Design

planning & design We seek to define and incorporate your corporate and personal goals in the facility that will house your operation. Our experience includes all types of commercial and industrial buildings.

We specialize in distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, food, garments, pharmaceutical, hazardous, and office facilities.

During the Planning & Design Phase we will review with management all requirements to maximize use of space while creating a productive and economical work environment. The five major elements of Space Design that we consider include:

  • Efficiency – Locating work teams in convenient proximity, placing equipment near workers who use it most
  • Productivity – Maintaining a logical flow throughout the space
  • Effectiveness – Establishing clear goals and objectives for the work environment
  • Communication – Organizing each department for the most effective means of communicating internally and externally with co-workers and customers
  • Comfort – Assuring that work spaces are adjustable and suited to the task, whether sitting, standing, spending hours on installations or on the phone

general contractorGWG will work with you to understand your business and to help identify your major goals and objectives for the work environment. This information forms the basis for our recommendations for the best operational and cost-effective plan tailored to your operation.

With GWG guiding selected architectural and engineering professionals, the following items are identified, documented, and delivered in the Planning & Design Phase of your project:

Planning & Computer Aided Design

  • Establish space requirements outlining projected facility, departmental and equipment space allocations based upon physical attributes and recommended operating procedures.
  • Review existing plans; transfer as-built plans to computer; make site visits to verify existing conditions and measurements; and fine tune as-built plans.
  • Provide Interior Design.
  • Existing and new equipment placement.
  • Produce preliminary layout drawings showing proposed facility modifications, departmental and equipment space allocations, operational flow paths, and egress routes.
  • Final design development by reviewing code requirements for International Building Code and ADA and fine tune the office and workspace layouts, finalize the plan and acquire approval from our client.
  • Prepare a schedule indicating the estimated timeline of the project.
  • Initial specifications and budgetary figures for all work.

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