COVID-19 Response

Updated As of April 20, 2020 17:00:00

To our Valued Clients, Contractors and Partners:

As everyone is more than aware the impact of the COVID-19 virus pandemic is affecting all aspects of our lives in unprecedented and unpredictable ways. 

As it relates to our work and your project specifically, to the greatest extent possible we are endeavoring to maintain progress as normally as at-that-moment conditions allow despite the constantly changing environment.

The safety and well-being of our employees, your employees, subcontractor and vendor employees, and everyone’s family will always be our first priority.  As much as practicable we are incorporating CDC guidelines and recommendations into our field operations.

Some things are however out of our control and may have a detrimental impact on the progress of your project.  Some examples of these follow, some of which may have already happened: building department or other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) operations and policies and procedures are changing daily (closures, modified ways of interacting with them); Federal and/or State mandates (State of Emergency, potential shelter-in-place directives); labor pool/subcontractor shortages and/or reactions to concerns for their own well-being, minimizing social contact, or even actual exposures to Covid-19, avoiding large groups of people (all of which may severely restrict the availability of labor); material and/or equipment shortages or delays in obtaining; closure of facilities that are essential to our work such as concrete plants; etc.

We are taking a prudent and pragmatic approach by also actively preparing for forced closure of our jobsites by any AHJ. If or when that happens we will let you know with as much advance notice as possible, and we will work closely with you to assure that a site shuts down as efficiently and securely, and also is done in a way that respects an efficient reopening whenever that may occur.  In these unfortunate instances there will be additional costs which would be considered outside of the scope of our work and which we will of course attempt to minimize, i.e., force majeure type events. 

In the event we must close our sites, we will use the following guideline relative to field actions.  Of course other additional site-specific actions will be done.

  • G William Group will comply with federal, state or local guidelines and we will advise our subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers of the same.  We will regularly communicate the impacts of governmental & AHJ restrictions, guidelines, et al to our Owners and Clients as they can be properly received, assessed, and implemented.

  • Should this entail a mandated emergency directive to shelter-in-place, or cessation of normal daily activities, or declaration of a state of emergency, or any other type of official action that causes us to modify our site operations, we will be forced to respond in ways that will affect progress of work on our projects. This could include a Stop Work notice to our subcontractors.  If that occurs we will notify our clients.

  • In such case, GWG will attempt to secure our job sites to the best of our ability and within the timeframes allowed.  For example:

    • If possible GWG will also photo-document that the current condition, and will attempt to capture the status of all material installed and stored on site.
    • If possible, and to the best of our ability, GWG will have its subcontractors secure any material left on site.
    • GWG will guide all subcontractors to remove from the site all tools and equipment not intended to be installed in the project

  • Once work is allowed to resume under “normal circumstances”, we will assess and advise you of the full impact on the scope, schedule, and budget for the project.

  • Please note, that in addition to the above anticipated impacts, there may be consequential implications that are difficult to ascertain at this time; however they may include substantial changes to market conditions, business continuity/ lack of and ramifications, material availability, transportation, work-force, means and methods, etc.

Please be assured that our goal is to remain, and if necessary, be back up and running as soon as possible with minimal impact to our clients.  We have been unable at this time to obtain definitive advice on when such “site-closure” directives may be issued, and are also thus unable to predict how long such a worksite interruption may last.

We appreciate your cooperation in this complicated and trying moment.


Construction Status:

March 30, 2020 14:00 EST
  • No closings
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