General Contracting New York

GWG Construction Management brings together both architects and engineers for their different projects in order to seamlessly integrate form and function.

Because so many different types of engineers need to work together to bring a project to completion, GWG construction management specializes in value engineering, which means that we deliver the most functionality at the lowest cost.

The engineering services shown below are a sampling of the different professionals that G William Group brings together to execute a project. GWG provides construction management and general contracting services to commercial clients in New York.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering deals with the application of electricity. These engineers work with everything from massive power generators to minuscule microchips. They were responsible for introducing electricity to businesses and homes and industrial projects. In addition to areas like power generation and transmission systems, electrical engineering also involves electronics and related areas such as telecommunications and radio frequency systems. They often design things like circuits to improve energy efficiency. For instance, they would be in charge of designing and testing a national power grid.

Essentially, any device that uses electricity was, in all probability, designed by an electrical engineer. For this reason they are employed by various industries such as aerospace, defense, and commercial construction.

Plumbing Engineering

The success of many construction projects depends on plumbing engineers because they design the hot and cold water systems for commercial and residential buildings. These systems are responsible for drinking, washing and waste removal. In other words, they design the network of faucets, pipes, sprinklers, and valves to handle water pressure and delivery. Consequently, they often work with civil engineers to construct municipal sewer, irrigation and storm water systems. Plumbing engineers design the intricate water systems integral to many construction projects.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering represents the intersection of business and engineering. Industrial Engineers work across different disciplines to devise systems that raise quality and efficiency. For example, they look for ways to improve performance and cut down on waste while taking into account workers' safety, costs and environmental concerns. Commonly, they design information and manufacturing systems to accomplish the aforementioned goals. As a result, industrial engineers are found in nearly every type of industry from manufacturing to healthcare to construction and more.

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