Expert Witness Services

GWG's Expert Witness Services provide the professional expertise to accurately document the codes, conditions, regulations, ordinances, and standards of practice for construction that are in dispute for your case.  Our experts will help you navigate disputes in any of the following areas:
Who Should Retain an Expert Witness: Plaintiff or Defendant?

Regardless of what side of the dispute you may find yourself, GWG recommends retaining an Expert Witness to provide clarity and objectivity to the matter in dispute.

GWG's Expert Witnesses proudly serve:

  • Attorneys, Prosecutors, Plaintiffs, and Defendants
  • Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies
  • Construction Companies and Professionals
  • Vendors, Suppliers, and Sub-Contractors
  • Property Owners & Real Estate Professionals
  • Banks, Lending Institutions, and Insurance Professionals

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