Eric Korb

Eric Korb: Chief Technology Officer

Eric Korb serves as GWG's Chief Technology Officer. Eric is known for having a keen eye for technology since 1983 and is the former CEO/Founder of Accreditrust. At Accreditrust, Eric led his team to deliver a tamper-proof digital badge service for holders of degrees, medical credentials, and licenses.

Other companies founded by Eric include LawyerLinks, an online legal research service for in-house counsels of public companies;, one of the first internet companies to offer web-based meetings coupled to teleconferencing - “webinar” was originally registered as a trademark of Eric's; GBC/Xecute!, Inc., a master reseller of networking and telecommunications products; and GE/ACCESS, a billion dollar worldwide wholesaler of computer graphic software and hardware for CAD/CAM applications. Eric has been with GWG since 2018.