Engineered Steel Buildings

Custom engineered steel buildings

Compared to conventional structures, custom engineered steel buildings offer many clear advantages such as value engineering that includes aesthetics, utility, timeliness, overall costs, and more.

Custom engineered steel buildings provide advantages in the design phase due to their standardization and design drawings which are provided by the manufacturer.

The buildings are approximately 30% lighter due to more efficient use of steel and can be erected in an easy, fast and step-by-step manner. Custom engineered steel buildings are highly flexible; changes and revisions can be made easily, and future expansion of your facility is simple and cost efficient.

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American Buildings Partners
GWG is proud to be an authorized builder for American Buildings Company (ABC). ABC continues to lead the industry in technology, design flexibility, quality, and value for more than a century, American Buildings Company is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of custom engineered steel building systems in the world.
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