NJ Commercial Construction Management

Commercial Construction Management in New Jersey

As a commercial construction management company, G William Group interprets the clients’ vision and translates it to reality. We start with the design process and work with you right through to the finished product.

We are thoroughly involved in the overall planning and control of the building construction management process. Our advantage is that we remain the sole point of contact for our clients throughout the life of the project. Consequently, our open lines of communication enable us to deliver the best product at the lowest possible cost.

Planning & Design

We begin with the construction planning and design phase in which we consult with management regarding their space needs, and how we can incorporate them into a positive work environment. During this phase we establish clear objectives for the space to ensure that the environment is both functional and comfortable for the workers.

Initially, our architects and engineers conduct site visits and take measurements before they proceed to interior design. Subsequently, they produce preliminary layout drawings before the final design development, which goes to the client for approval. At this point, we are able to prepare a construction timeline along with a budget for the work.

Construction Management

Once we proceed to the construction project management phase, we consult with owners regarding cost estimating, scheduling of activities, and construction supervision. Typically, we produce and manage all the contracts between the owner and contractors. Since we supervise all aspects of construction, we can also fast-track the process by overlapping the design and construction phases.  The earlier start and completion times generally results in significant cost benefits for the owner.  In addition, our collaborative process, which eliminates the overhead and the mark-ups of a general contractor, typically covers the construction manager fees. We partner with owners to be their on-site eyes and ears working in their best interests. Essentially, we are the on-site construction quality control manager.

Warehousing and Distribution

Because GWG Construction Management was founded on warehousing and distribution projects, our expertise in these core areas is second to none. Although these large-scale projects are often some of the most challenging, GWG's longstanding experience proves invaluable in understanding the many details involved. Clients hire us because of our track record and our ability to control the entire process from preconstruction to project close-out. Our team of construction management and planning professionals listens to your needs in order to understand your goals before they begin the construction phase. Regardless of whether it is adhering to fire codes or electrical standards, our team works with both the vendors and subcontractors to make sure the job gets done right. At G William Group, our team has the technical expertise to make sure that things are completed on time and within your budget.


In addition to warehouse projects, many companies have used our construction project management services for their manufacturing facilities. What sets us apart is that our construction engineers understand how a space's functionality is just as important as its aesthetics. For example, if you are looking to expand your facility we work with you on the site design, the permitting, and the architectural engineering in order to meet your specifications. Even if we did not design your building from the ground up, we are fully equipped to improve or renovate any size construction project.

As your construction management partner, G William Group takes your blueprints and transform them into warehouses, manufacturing facilities and so much more. We serve commercial clients in New Jersey in addition to New York and Pennsylvania. If you are looking for a commercial construction management company near you, click here to fill out our contact form and we will contact you within 24 hours to assess your needs and issue a proposal.

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