About Us

G William Group LLC

G William Group LLC (GWG) is a Construction Management and Consulting Firm based out of Edison, NJ that takes on each and every project with a primary focus on their client’s success.

Our team of professionals both individually and collectively has had a strong history of successful projects and incredible client relationships within New Jersey and the immediate surrounding markets. Our knowledge of the private development process in our market and our access to local resources make us the right team player for any client’s commercial development needs.

Founded in 2003 by Gary William Fleming, GWG answered the needs of the owner/operator by bridging the gap between state and municipal agencies, project stakeholders, A&E professionals, and trade contractors.

As the firm grew, it took on more and more projects under the Design-Build approach, helping drive the right deliverables in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is GWG’s ability to take on complex projects, ranging from the largest privately held indoor sports complex in our home state, to high-hazard chemical production facilities that sets it apart from other construction management firms; our approach to each of these projects requires that GWG and its team understand the owners and their business goals in order to deliver the right built environment to support the same.

GWG provides construction management, consulting and general contracting services to commercial clients in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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