Supplying Pre-Acquisition, Pre-Occupancy & Post-Occupancy Services

Assess the General Physical Conditions of The Property as it Currently Exists and Note Any Deficiencies.
March 30, 2016
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Clearly one of the main reasons why commercial building consultancies exist is to help the lender and the property investor find the correct data and information on their prospective buildings before, during, and after the building sale.

Supplying Pre-Acquisition Services

Before the property investor decides to buy a building, the commercial building consultant will have to conduct a pre-acquisition PCA, or property condition assessment. In this way, you get commercial and technical advice as well as expertise on specialist property acquisition and ownership.

This will range from identifying and managing technical risks, appraising and evaluating the quality of construction, refurbishments and any alterations, the complete review of legal issues, hiring and managing specialist teams to perform segmented system evaluations and provide an upfront, honest, no-surprises costing or financial overview of the property. 

Supplying Pre-Occupancy Services

Pre-occupancy services differ from pre-acquisition services in that they are performed after the building is bought and the sale is settled. These pre-occupancy services involve more than simple evaluation of building systems; they also include bringing in the right people to deal with the tasks or jobs that need to be handled before your tenants or business moves in.

These jobs can involve interior cleaning of the building, installing new building systems such as pipes, air-conditioning units, and new electrics, and arranging workmen to tear out and replace permanent furniture. It all depends on what the building needs for occupancy. This is the preparation stage, where the building is properly prepped for inhabitation. 

Supplying Post-Occupancy Services

There are a number of post-occupancy services that a Construction Manager will deal with after your building has been occupied.


These are generally maintenance services that ensure the infrastructure of your building is never compromised; for example, upkeep on the swimming pool area, water systems, solar power or gas requirements, among other things. 

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