About Us

About G William Group LLC

G William Group LLC (GWG), based in Edison, New Jersey, was established in 2003 by Gary William Fleming, the founder and former president of consulting firms Distribution Logic and Quality Systems.

Eric Gatti, Vice President, joined the firm in 2008 and was recently made a partner. Eric is a professional in project management and management consulting. Eric’s background in infrastructure engineering and analytical abilities make him extremely capable in identifying solutions to complex problems.
GWG is comprised of experienced construction professionals with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and construction. GWG was founded to bridge the gap between management consultants, engineers, architects and general contractors. We offer a combination of these professional skills with the intent of serving our client’s best interests.

We work closely with our clients to identify their requirements. Then our planning and design group using operations analysis and the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools will specify and design the optimum solution for your company.

Simply put, GWG is dedicated to finding the best solution at the lowest cost when it comes to the facility and operation that will house and support our client’s business.


G William Group LLC is driven by multi-industry experience in consulting, engineering, and construction. We partner with our clients, using an intelligent, mindful, and well defined approach to successfully deliver capital projects.